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Dr. Erin Pérez, DNP, APRN, ANP-C, AGNP-C, ACHPN is a practicing full-time board-certified adult and geriatric nurse practitioner who also subspecializes in palliative and hospice care. She is a three-time alumnus of UT Medical Branch in Galveston. Renowned for her expertise, she is a highly regarded educator, author, speaker, leader, public servant, bill drafter and preceptor for health care clinicians. She is actively involved in public health and participates in disaster preparedness and relief efforts. She serves in multiple health care, professional organizations, and veteran organizations.

She is the first Texas NP elected to City Council and the first NP to Chair a Texas advisory council. Dr. Pérez is recognized for her multi-layered enduring contributions. She has garnered numerous local, state and national awards and accolades, including features in professional publications such as W.H.O. and across multiple media outlets. Deeply committed to policy, advocacy, and grassroots efforts, Dr. Pérez is dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes across the settings through effective bipartisan collaboration and synergistic partnerships. Thank you again for your efforts and support.