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Course Title and DescriptionTX RequiredCE CategoriesCE HoursMember PriceNon-Member PriceRegisterDescription
Prescription Monitoring ProgramTX ReqPrescription Monitoring Program2$50 $125REGISTERMillions of controlled substances are prescribed each year in the U.S. and overdose deaths are still occurring. This activity will review the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program, the current atmosphere surrounding opioid prescribing, and update participants on documentation, interventions, and the newest 2022 CDC clinical practice guidelines.
Opioids: Treating with Buprenorphine TX ReqOpioids, Pharmacy and Ethics/Jurisprudence1$25 $75REGISTEROpioid Use Disorder (OUD) is on the rise in the general population, pediatrics, and pregnant women. With the increase in synthetic opioids, such as Fentanyl, it can be challenging to treat, but it is something every primary care provider can do in their clinical setting. This presentation will discuss how to treat OUD in an outpatient clinic in the adult, expectant mother and adolescent population. It will provide practical tips for any prescriber.
Human Trafficking Updates and TrendsTX ReqHuman Trafficking1$25$75REGISTERThis course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be prepared to effectively respond to a situation of human trafficking in a clinical environment. You will explore healthcare response to trafficking, identify principles of trauma-informed care in caring for potentially trafficked persons, analyze best practices for response to victims in the clinical environment, discover elements of a trafficking protocol for healthcare organizations, and describe the role of the healthcare provider in prevention, identification, referral, treatment, aftercare, and advocacy for trafficking victims.
Alzheimer's Disease TX ReqGeriatrics 1$25 $75REGISTERBy 2050, 12.7 million people aged 65 and older are projected to have Alzheimer's dementia (Alzheimer's Association, 2023). Due to a shortage of dementia care specialists, there is an increased need for primary care providers (PCPs) to detect, diagnose, and manage early-stage AD. Nurse practitioners and PCPs play a vital role in the early detection, assessment and differentiation, diagnosis and management of patients with AD (Porsteinsson et al., 2021).
Genitourinary Syndrome of MenopauseTX ReqGeriatrics1$25 $75REGISTERThe average age of menopause among American women is 45-55 years old, and there are several symptoms and changes that occur during that period. Many women do not discuss their symptoms with their provider out of fear of judgment or stigma associated with aging and waning reproductive ability. Additionally, many providers are not confident in treating vasomotor symptoms, vaginal atrophy, recurrent UTIs, or mood changes associated with the menopausal transition. Advanced practice registered nurses are well-positioned to assess, diagnose, and treat the variety of conditions associated with the menopausal transitions and should be armed with the knowledge to do so.
Ethics and JurisprudenceTX ReqEthics/Jurisprudence2$50 $125REGISTERThis course will increase your knowledge of nursing and bioethical principles and how they apply to advanced practice nursing.  You will also gain understanding of the standards of nursing practice as outlined by the Texas Nursing Practice Act and the Texas Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations. The course will cover professional boundaries and unprofessional conduct as well as professional responsibilities related to reporting unprofessional conduct.
Texas Law and The NP Scope of PracticeTX ReqEthics/Jurisprudence1$25$75REGISTERScope of practice for the nurse practitioner goes beyond the Texas Board of Nursing’s nurse practice act and regulations. Additional Texas State laws impact the NP’s scope of practice. This session will explore how Texas State laws shape the nurse practitioner’s scope of practice.
Bugs and Drugs TX ReqPharmacy1FREE$75REGISTERThis course serves to provide NPs an overview of the principles of antimicrobial therapy, the various antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal classes and the indication for treatment in addition to a review of microbiology and the most common organisms and infectious conditions seen in primary care. You will review the most common organisms and infectious processes seen in primary and acute care settings.
Malpractice Case Study Update (Available in December)Practice Management1FREE$75
Geriatrics/Nursing Home Residents (Available in November)Geriatrics1FREE$75
New FDA Approved Drugs (Available in October)Pharmacy1FREE$75
Acute Chest Pain in Primary Care (Available Soon)Pharmacy1FREE$75REGISTERThis webinar will provide evidence-based content of an acute MI (STEMI vs non-STEMI), pericarditis, aortic dissection, tension pneumothorax, and esophageal perforation. The learner will be able to recognize the symptoms associated with acute coronary syndrome compared to other distinguishing disease processes and interpret a 12-lead EKG to distinguish electrophysiologic changes during an acute MI from an arrhythmia.
Acute and Chronic Non-Narcotic Pain Medication Pain Management1FREE$75REGISTERChronic pain patients have been given little treatment options since the “opioid crisis” has put limitations on prescribing. Given the body of evidence, health care providers must educate themselves on the safe and judicious use of sex and other pituitary hormones as a non-narcotic adjunctive therapy for their chronic pain population.
Insights into Inflammation: Navigating Body Systems Primary Care1FREE$75REGISTERThis webinar will discuss insights to Inflammation, that will discuss body systems and inflammation, the COVID-19 Connection, specific inflammatory conditions and management strategies.
Pediatric Mental Health Pediatric, Mental Health1FREE$75REGISTERThis seminar on Pediatric Mental Health will discuss the importance of the incorporation of the family unit and it's impact on the treatment of the patient. Join Dr. Jamon Blood as he discusses mental health as pertains to the pediatric population, from anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and depression among other conditions.
Immigrant Health Issues/ConcernsPrimary Care1FREE$75REGISTERWhat are the most urgent health issues immigrants have? How well have they been treated/maintained? What do we as practitioners need to be assessing for that is unique to this population given their lengthy travel (when applicable), exposure to the elements including (I suspect) unsanitary living conditions, and nonFDA medications? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, with this webinar.
Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Obesity: Strategies for the Primary Care Setting Primary Care1FREE$75REGISTERLearners will demonstrate an increase in knowledge on strategies to mitigate barriers and increase access to care for marginalized, psychiatric mental health, and/or rural communities.
TNP Policy Update Policy1FREE$75REGISTERThis webinar will provide a review and update of changes in practice, state laws, and regulations for Texas Nurse Practitioners, including policy changes that passed during the 88th Legislative Session, the multiple special sessions in 2023, and through recent agency rulemaking at the Health and Human Services Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Join us as we learn the nuts and bolts of advocacy in Texas!
Diabetic EmergenciesPrimary Care1FREE$75REGISTERDiabetic emergencies are acute and potentially life-threatening complications of Diabetes mellitus. This presentation will concentrate on Three main Diabetes emergencies: Diabetic Keto-Acidosis (DKA), Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome, and Hypoglycemia.
Anemia, Now What?TX ReqPharmacy1FREE$75REGISTERThis lecture aims to provide an overview of anemia and how to approach it from a general practitioner's standpoint. This is done through real life case studies to engage the viewer and apply the textbook information into clinical practice. It also aims to help providers identify when a formal hematology evaluation is needed.
Negotiating ContractsPractice Management1FREE$75REGISTERData shows that NPs just entering the profession, or ones seeking out a new job in their field are not negotiating to their full capacity – accepting contracts that are below average. This Educational offering serves to answer questions pertaining to negotiating contracts and best prepare students to venture deeper into their careers.
eTobacco ProtocolPrimary Care1FREE$75REGISTERIntegrating tobacco screening in clinical settings is an evidence-based approach to tobacco cessation. As tobacco dependence is a chronic disease, patients need multiple opportunities to quit, which makes it critical to consistently assess tobacco use and make cessation opportunities available in clinical settings. The Texas Quitline is a free tobacco cessation support service that offers counseling and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for Texans who are ready to quit. Patients are more likely to quit when providers actively connect them to proactive cessation support.
Opioids & DEA: 2024 TX ReqDEA, Opioids, and Pharmacy2$50 $125REGISTERThis program will cover defining pain, the cost of pain, and an overview of the problem. It will then go on to ensure that you are up-to-date and in the know regarding the Texas BON, policy response, DEA recommendations, CDC Practice Guidelines and APRN requirements. Opioid Addiction is a real problem. This webinar will also address addiction risk, misuse and abuse of controlled substances and evaluation and clinical reasoning, patient evaluation, screening tools, and more!
Opioids: 2023-2025 Texas Requirement TX ReqOpioids, DEA, and Pharmacy 2$50$125REGISTERThis activity provides the opportunity for APRNs to understand current and historical trends in the US and Texas related to Opioid misuse and abuse. To improve APRN knowledge, the education presented will examine the pathophysiologic mechanism of pain and identify risk factors, warning signs, and behavior’s associates with Opioid misuse and use disorder. This activity will also review the management of opioid use disorder and strategies for improving patient communication and education regarding their pain, expectations, and treatment options. Additionally, this activity will include an overview of alternative treatment strategies for managing pain.
Opioids: Pharmacokinetics and PharmacodynamicsTX ReqOpioids, DEA, Pharmacy, and Ethics/Jurisprudence 1$25$75REGISTERThis seminar targets Nurse Practitioners who treat pain in any practice setting. We will discuss potential ethical dilemmas in treating pain, proper monitoring techniques, analysis of Urine Drug Screen (UDS) results, crucial conversations, and tapering schedules. This seminar will give the clinician the information to consider when resolving this conflict. Specific topics to be covered include, ethical considerations of pain treatments, common opioid pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and number needed to treat for common complaints, rules regarding UDS frequency, analysis of results, and implications of the results and more!
Opioids Alternatives & DEA: 2024TX ReqDEA1$25 $75REGISTERThis webinar will cover Opioid Alternatives as it relates to clinical practice challenges, mitigating risk and it will walk through case studies. It will also cover biopsychosocial approaches to care: non-opioid pharmacology, non-pharmacologic therapies and patient education.
Opioids: Treating Pain, Mitigating Risks TX ReqDEA, Pharmacy and Opioids2$50$125REGISTERThis course will equip the learner gain an increased awareness of trends of substance abuse or misuse of prescribed opioid medications in Texas, risk factors that place a patient at higher risk for abuse or misuse, and strategies to utilize to minimize patient harm related to abuse or misuse including using less risky treatment options before prescribing opioid medications.
2024 Pharmacology & Primary Care ConferencePharmacy, Opioids, DEA, Geriatrics and Ethics/Jurisprudence12$300 $500 REGISTERSee Conference Brochure for Program Details.
Entry Into Practice - Three-Course Discounted Bundle Practice Management6$120 $345REGISTERThis three-part bundle includes courses that will cover Licensure & Prescription Authority Update, Application & Licensure Checklist, Coding, Billing and Charting, Resiliency, Leadership and Transition to NP. You can buy this bundled course and save $30 or purchase the courses separately. 
Resiliency, Leadership, Transition + Negotiating ContractsPractice Management2$50 $125REGISTER

Entry Into Practice: Part Three
This webinar is offered as part of the Entry into Practice bundle and as a standalone topic. 

This webinar will equip you with strategies to avoid pitfalls in the transition to practice, promote self-care practices, and demonstrate effective leadership skills. You will also obtain a greater knowledge of negotiating and understanding employment agreements and contracts, skills essential for entering into practice!

Coding, Billing and ChartingPractice Management2$50 $125REGISTEREntry Into Practice: Part Two
This webinar is offered as part of the Entry into Practice bundle and as a standalone topic. 
This course will provide an introduction to International Classification of Disease, and to Coding and Billing in the inpatient and outpatient setting. It will also explore current procedural terminology used in the primary care setting, evaluation and management codes, medical decision-making in the primary care setting and more.
Prescriptive Authority Update + Application and Licensure Checklist Practice Management2$50$125REGISTER

Entry into Practice: Part One
This webinar is offered as part of the Entry into Practice bundle and as a standalone topic. 
This webinar will cover APRN licensure physician delegation requirements for APRN practice, delegation of prescriptive authority, and how to maintain appropriate documentation of compliance. It will also cover the process of pursuing each certification, licensure, and credential required to transition to practice as a nurse practitioner. You will obtain the confidence to complete the applications required to obtain the certificates, licenses and credentials required to transition to practice as a nurse practitioner. 

2024 Annual Fall ConferenceTX ReqPharmacy, Geriatrics, Opioids, and Ethics/Jurisprudence12$300 $500 REGISTERAvailable in September. See Conference Brochure for Program Details.


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