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Conducting Research

TNP supports research initiatives by providing opportunities for current members to conduct research online and at TNP Conferences.

Submission Process

The researcher must submit the form below at least 30 days before their proposed research project starts. Required information includes how the research will be utilized and how the data will be protected. TNP’s Research Committee will review the research request and determine if it is accepted.

Submission Requirements

  • The research must be designed to treat all individuals fairly, and the procedure must be based on fair procedures that will not overburden TNP participants.
  • The researcher must ensure that all participants clearly understand the commitments in the agreement to participate in the study.
  • The researcher must receive formal confirmation from TNP to collect the data.
  • The researcher must provide proof of IRB approval before conducting the research.
  • The research proposal must contain appropriate tools for the research setting.
  • The research reflects quality that is consistent with TNP standards.
  • The research aims to further individual research/project needs, not institutional, organizational, or company initiatives.


Administrative fees of $100.00 for current TNP members, whether done through an online survey or at a TNP meeting. The researcher will be responsible for any additional costs associated with conducting the research. TNP will provide an approval letter to conduct the study for the researcher and invoicing as appropriate.


Permission to conduct the research is at the discretion of the TNP Research Committee. Coordinating and scheduling research requests and sending out the online link to survey participants are at the discretion of the TNP CEO, so there is no interruption in TNP business activities. A maximum of two emails will be sent to TNP members on behalf of the researcher. Upon approval, TNP will work with the researcher to create a schedule for the research project.

Submit Your Research Request

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