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Corrine Moore is the Digital Marketing and Communication Coordinator for TNP as of September 2023. A Baylor University alumna, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Rhetoric in 2019. With over four years of experience, Corrine has excelled in content strategy, marketing communications, and both creative and technical writing for top organizations.

Prior to her role at TNP, she served as a Marketing Copywriter and Content Strategist, developing social media content, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns. Corrine is also the ghostwriter of “Rise of the Personal Brand,” a 2020 Amazon-published book that features her interviews with 11 Houston entrepreneurs on leveraging social media for brand growth, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, she holds certifications in Google Ads Search, and HubSpot’s Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing.

“In the digital age, effective communication is key to empowering nurse practitioners. I’m here to bridge the gap between our members and the wealth of knowledge and opportunities TNP offers, ensuring our digital platforms are a beacon for professional growth and advocacy.”