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Ernest Castaneda

6-Year Practice Owner


Improving rural healthcare access in Kingsville, TX.

Over the past six years, Ernest Castaneda, MSN, FNP-C, has significantly improved rural healthcare access in Kingsville, Texas, through his leadership at Castaneda Quick Care, PLLC. His journey from an LVN in 1988 to the owner of a thriving practice is a powerful example of dedication, resilience, and the desire to serve his community.

Reflecting on his journey, Ernest shares, “Moving through various roles in nursing, I saw firsthand the gaps in our healthcare system, especially in rural areas. This realization drove me to become an NP and eventually open my clinic.” His initiative was born out of a critical need to reduce the long wait times for primary care appointments, a common issue in underserved areas.

Today, Castaneda Quick Care is distinguished by its dedication to providing immediate care without the need for appointments, a model that has profoundly impacted the Kingsville community by making healthcare more accessible and responsive. Ernest’s efforts have filled a vital gap, establishing his clinic as a trusted healthcare provider.

Ernest’s path had its challenges, including navigating regulations and securing a collaborating physician. However, his perseverance paid off, as seen in the clinic’s growth from a modest operation to a bustling center that sees an average of 30 patients daily. This expansion is a testament to Ernest’s vision and the critical role his clinic plays in enhancing community health.

For NPs contemplating starting their practice, Ernest advises, “Understand the unique needs of your community and strive to meet them. It’s about identifying a need and providing a solution that can truly make a difference.” His experience underscores the potential for NPs to lead change in healthcare, offering a blueprint for those looking to embark on a similar path.

As a TNP member for nearly a decade, Ernest’s commitment extends beyond the clinic. He takes pride in the clinic’s role in fostering a healthier, stronger community, remarking on the joy of seeing the tangible effects of his work on the lives of those he serves. This connection to his community and the continuity of care he provides are sources of deep professional fulfillment.

Looking ahead, Ernest is committed to adapting and expanding his clinic’s services to meet his community’s changing healthcare needs. His story isn’t just about individual success; it’s a broader narrative of the impact dedicated healthcare professionals can have in improving access to care.

Ernest’s professional journey and achievements resonate deeply within the healthcare community, serving as a source of inspiration for current and aspiring NPs. His impact on rural healthcare in Kingsville is a powerful reminder of how vision, commitment, and hard work can transform communities, improving lives and setting a path for future generations of healthcare providers.