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We’re the go-to for Texas-required CEs

NPs love our CEs! More than 95% of recently surveyed Texas NPs rate TNP as excellent/good in meeting their Texas-specific and overall CE needs. Join or renew to receive more free and discounted CEs than ever before! Membership includes 10 free CEs annually through our popular TNP TEN! webinars, which are new each year. Plus, members get deep discounts on our popular conferences, which are packed with CEs, including skills workshops and courses on the latest topics.

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We’re 100% dedicated to advocating for Texas NPs

Your membership counts! TNP is the only association working to make changes at the state level. We protect and advance the issues that matter most to Texas NPs and patients. By joining TNP or renewing your membership, you help amplify our collective voice on behalf of NPs.

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We’re a welcoming and supportive community of Texas NPs

Whether you’re a student, just starting your NP career, have been in the field for decades, are a practice owner, work for a major healthcare system, or are in solo practice in a rural community, you belong at TNP. We pride ourselves on helping you build professional connections you can count on throughout your career.


Membership Benefits

  • TNP TEN! We produce ten free CE courses annually that cover the latest clinical and practice management content.
  • Free informational webinars covering contract negotiations and other helpful topics.
  • Deep member discounts on conference registration, CEs, toolkits, handbooks, and other practice resources.
  • Special reduced pricing on malpractice insurance, financial, and other services.
  • Practice updates to ensure our members keep current with changing rules and regulations.
  • Advocacy to protect and advance our profession, including Legislative recaps, statewide member involvement, and our PAC.
  • Career Resources that help our members find a preceptor and explore new opportunities.
  • Connections to members statewide via our online communities, in-person events, and member directory.

Regular membership is $155 annually. Member freebies and savings on CEs, conferences, and resources = $1,000+ value!

Membership Types

New to TNP? Choose the Membership type and payment option that’s right for you. By selecting multi-year or auto-bill on eligible memberships, you will receive a $5 discount each year.

Regular Membership

  • $155
  • Discounts available for multi-year memberships and reoccurring payments.

All graduates from a nurse practitioner program. Regular members shall pay annual dues, may vote, hold elected or appointed office and serve on committees. As a regular member, you can join for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Legacy Member

  • $1,500
  • Lifetime Membership in TNP

All graduates from a nurse practitioner program are eligible for lifetime membership in TNP.

Become a Legacy Member and never have to pay TNP membership dues again. For a payment plan of 4 payments of $375, contact

First Year Graduate Member

  • $100
  • All the benefits of regular membership but at a reduced rate for the first year

A recent graduate of an NP program that is entering the NP profession for the first time. DNP graduates are not eligible for this membership. First Year Graduate members shall pay annual dues, may vote, hold elected or appointed office and serve on committees.

Student Member

  • $65
  • Special pricing for NP students

A registered nurse currently enrolled in a NP program. Student members shall pay dues, may have a voice in discussions, and may serve as non-elected committee chairs or members but may not vote or serve as officers. Check with your university faculty for additional savings.

First Year NP Student Member

  • Free
  • First Year NP Students Only

A registered nurse currently enrolled in the first year of a NP program is eligible for free membership. Please note DNP students are not eligible for this membership category – this is for first year NP students only. Membership is for one year and you will renew at the Student membership rate after the first year.  Free Students may have a voice in discussions, and may serve as non-elected committee chairs or members but may not vote or serve as officers.

Retired Member

  • $75
  • Annual or Auto-Renewal Option

A nurse practitioner who has retired from active practice. Retired members shall pay annual dues, may vote, hold elected or appointed office and serve on committees.

Associate Member

  • $115
  • Registered Nurse

A registered nurse who is not an NP and who is interested in promoting and supporting the purposes and goals of TNP. Associate members shall pay dues, may have a voice in discussions and serve as committee members but may not vote or serve as officers.

Non-Member CE Profile Only

  • Free
  • By joining TNP you will save money on CE

If you are interested in only creating a profile to be able to access the TNP Online CE Center (no other TNP Benefits such as free and discounted CE), select this member type to do so.

Memberships are for one year, and renewals are based on your join date. If you would like to download an application.

Military Discount:
TNP offers a $50 discount for all military branches, currently serving or retired. Military members may use the promotional code TNPMilitary to receive the discount. The discount may be used on new or renewing dues for all member types. Thank you for your service!
Financial Hardship Application:
TNP understands that financial hardship can make it difficult for some of our current and lapsed members to pay the fees associated with our membership categories. Your ability to maintain membership with TNP is important to us, our mission, and the future of your profession.
This policy is designed to alleviate pressures in such cases and ensure that our members are treated equitably. It is the policy of TNP to consider requests to waive membership dues as a result of financial hardship on an individual basis. All membership categories, except for Legacy membership, are eligible to request a financial hardship waiver.
For purposes of this policy, a “hardship” is defined as a substantial unexpected and/or unforeseen loss in income. In such cases, a request for financial hardship waiver of membership dues is considered. If approved, a financial hardship waiver may be granted in a manner decided upon by the reviewers reasonably appropriate in relation to the facts and circumstances presented, and for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Subsequent requests for financial hardship waivers shall be considered pursuant to this policy, up to a maximum of three (3) lifetime requests overall.
To apply for membership dues to be waived due to financial hardship, please complete the following form
Membership Dues Renewal & Auto Bill:  
Memberships are for one year and renewals are based on your join date. Please note that if you are paying via credit card or bank draft, your membership dues will be automatically deducted each year on your renewal date unless you opt out by emailing The system is set-up to send numerous reminders to you, but if you request a refund after a charge has been made a $10 transaction fee will be assessed.
Membership dues to TNP are not deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as a business expense for Federal Income tax purposes. 50% of the membership dues is spent on lobbying.

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Have Questions or Need Assistance? Contact Connie at or 512-291-6224.

In principle and in practice, TNP values and seeks diversity and inclusion within the nurse practitioner field and promotes involvement and access to leadership opportunities to all members regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, or disability.

“I love being a TNP member because, as a new nurse practitioner, I’ve been able to meet many people and learn new things for my practice and my patients.”

Brittany Blackman, FNP-BC
First Year Graduate
Member since 2023