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TNP, together with the Texans for Healthcare Access Coalition, released a patient voices video, urging Texas lawmakers to remove barriers to healthcare for Texans and pass the HEAL Texans Act (SB 1700).

The video follows the stories of three Texas patients and their healthcare journeys: a senior rural patient from Bedias; a patient from Longview who struggled with and overcame her substance use disorder; and a Texas mother who underwent emergency childbirth at a critical access hospital in St. Augustine. In each of these patient stories, access to a nurse practitioner close to home made a critical, life-saving difference.

We want to thank our incredible TNP members, Tracy Hicks, Ken Stackhouse, Loy Watson, and Elizabeth Ellis, for being a part of this advocacy video. The stories of your patients, and their unequivocal trust in you as healthcare providers, is clear, powerful, and inspiring.

Everything we do is to help people survive. To even think of someone pulling up to the hospital and it’s closed and the outcome is that mom and baby may have died – it’s scary to even think about.

Ken StackhouseNP from St. Augustine, Texas

Always looming in the back of my mind is the fear, if I don’t have my collaborating physician, I’m not able to take care of my patients. And we’re in a crisis.

Tracy HicksNP from Longview, Texas

Texans need access to healthcare, and we cannot afford to wait. Please help us remove all barriers to healthcare for all Texans.

Elizabeth EllisNP from Bedias, Texas